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Wild Card @ 1st Seed
Taintsmashers at FearedJamaicanVoodooPosse

3rd Seed @ 2nd Seed
The Logic at Maryland Sting

West Division
1st Maryland Sting 8-6-0
2nd Xane's Trainyard 7-7-0
3rd bhood567 6-7-1
4th The Almma Maters 6-8-0

Central Division
1st FearedJamaicanVoodooPosse 9-5-0
2nd Taintsmashers 9-5-0

3rd The Purple Poopie Eaters 8-5-1
4th Anal Fissures 7-7-0

East Division
1st The Logic 7-6-1
2nd 404 - Team Not Found 6-8-0
3rd Pimp Squad 5-8-1
4th Ect's Explosive Ensemble 4-10-0

(the ones on nfl.com dont make sense, these are mine based on record and division difficulty)

1 (Marb) FearedJamaicanVoodooPosse 1st SEED 9-5-0
2 (McDanks) Taintsmashers WILD CARD 9-5-0
3 (Morlaw) The Purple Poopie Eaters 8-5-1
4 (Cennar) Maryland Sting 2nd SEED 8-6-0
5 (Mercator) The Logic 3rd SEED 7-6-1
6 (Saben) Anal Fissures 7-7-0
7 (Xane) Xane's Trainyard 7-7-0
8 (Crazyaussie) bhood567 6-7-1
9 (Almma) The Almma Maters 6-8-0
10 (Jonclani) 404 - Team Not Found 6-8-0
11 (Eviljester) Pimp Squad 5-8-1
12 (Ectemian) Ect's Explosive Ensemble 4-10-0

Central Division 21-10-1
West Division 15-16-1
East Division 10-20-2

Fun facts:
The best team against the dominant Central Division is The Almma Maters
The highest score given was 152 in Week 10 by Taintsmashers
The lowest score given was 27 in Week 4 by 404 - Team Not Found
-The Godfather of the Brotherhood.
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