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Clearing up my name.

I heard there were some people complaining about how I distributed loot in 2 pugs I lead this weekend. I am here to clear things up because I don't appreciate getting tells from a few people saying "Were you distributing loot unfairly?".

VoA Pug
3 people roll for whatever loot.
Person A rolls 93
Person B rolls 60
Alex rolls 30

Person A says they will pass to Alex, because it's a bigger upgrade for him and he doesn't like person B. Person B objects. Fighting ensues. I simply loot to the highest roller and move on. Alex then calls me names and a ninja in guild chat. Alex puts me on ignore.

Naxx25 Pug
Karyudo got a few pieces of gear, I forget what exactly, but some pretty good shit. Then I gave some gloves to someone else to try and spread out the loot like we usually do in pugs. I get called a bad guy by being fair to other people.

I felt this was important to me to write this because I think ninja'ing loot or distributing it unfairly is a scumbag move and I do my best to be fair when I lead pugs on the weekends.
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