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Need someone to take this over


I'm running in some problems regarding this website:

- This is a .COM domain. Back in the days I was residing in the USA for college. But for the past 12 years I've been living in Brasil. To have a .COM domain, I must be at least a US resident. And so to keep this, I'm using my old US address on the registration. But now, I have to update my bank account info, and my home address is in Brasil. They'll accept it, but not for .COM domains.

- The reason I had to update my bank account info is because my US bank account is about to go dry. I left money in there since I can use it from here with the credit card, but it's about to be over and I need to close it. Here in Brasil I only have a basic bank account with a non-international debit card, and to pay the host for this will not be easy anymore.

- The USD to BRL exchange ratio is 1:3.29. To keep this up is a bit of an expense, and frankly we have near 0 usage of this site. Probably only Clani and I visit this every week, if so.

In summary, its a number of things that just added up and we have to decide what to do with this.


1) Simply close it. Everyone take whatever they want to keep, and when the pay period expires this will be closed.

2) Someone take it over. We can either check with my host how would we transfer this to another person, or I'll give someone a database dump of this site and a copy of all folders to port it to another host.

3) I win the new year's lottery this réveillon. Oh yes, I'll even go back to WoW if so.

If anyone sees this before new years, please post your thoughts!
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