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New Laptop


Looking to get a new laptop. So far, my search criteria are:

2nd generation i5 or i7
14" or 15.6"
Dedicated graphics card
7200 RPM HD (500+ GB)

Best deal I've found:

Problems with it:
Low-ish resolution (It's the usually for the price range, but if anyone can find a higher res one for a similar price it would be nice.)
No USB 3.0

Let me know if you can find a better deal or if you notice something silly with my search criteria.

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Buy my old laptop instead!

But its a first gen i5 Otherwise, its boss!

It is actually for sale, but on a more serious note, I had a bitch of a time finding 15" laptops with decent resolution and a discrete video card. So I replaced my Envy 15 with an Envy 17 when HP had one of their 30% off sales and called it a day. For some reason it seems that NO companies (before you say anything Brian, not even Apple) want to give you a good screen on a smaller laptop. USB 3 is also few and far between, most only give one port if any.

I have heard decent things about the updated Dell XPS 15, which will let you meet all of your requirements for a bit more money (799 base, then 150 more for a 1080p screen). If you arent in a hurry, Dell pops out coupons every now and then that should bring it down a bit. But I dont know much about the video card they use so you may need to look into that.
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I like my lenovos you can get them with nice screens... which is why I keep buying them and discrete graphics but they run pretty high I think I paid 2k for my last one but I am still using the one I got when I started college they are rugged things. They do on the T-series 15" 1920X1080 displays
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