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Im in a dilema.

Well, im searching for a new MP3 Player and im trying to decide between an Apple iPod Video 30GIG or a Microsoft Zune 30GIG. So many people have told me which one to buy and I cant make up my mind myself. I'd like to hear the opinion of my fellow guild mates if you can spare some time. So what is it?

Zune or iPod?

I need help.


Ni hao?
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I've had iPod forever. They're simple and work perfectly. About the video option... not sure. My iPod is the mini. But I'd say, if you like iTunes, go with iPod. If you don't like iTunes, consider Zune...
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there is even rumor that Steve Jobs is going to reduce the DRM intertwined with iTunes! Fight the Man!
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i like my ipod just fine. but i have an older one, and i have no need for an mp4 player. so as far as newer ones go, i couldnt tell you. but like tirrex said, if your partial to itunes, go with an ipod.
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iPOD For sure.
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In case you plan on using your IPOD/Zune in the car... something else to consider is that the IPOD Nano is flash-based, while the IPOD 30Gig and Zune are CF Hard Disk based. I used to have the 30 Gig IPOD and it would do weird things if I left it in the car when it was really cold or hot outside. It start out as small errors and skips while playing, then it just ended up dying.

After all that, I got the Nano and its been working great. Seems to me that flash memory is much better at handling temperature extremes.
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