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I'm just going to try to simplify this as much as possible, nobody wants to read a novel of a guild charter.

Part 1: The Officers/Guild
The Officer Core

Guild Master
Mercator - PVE Raid Officer

Inner Council
(Omni) - PVE Raid Officer
Descartes - Recruitment Lead
R?gina (Xanderil)
Xanetrain - PVE Raid Officer

Almma - PVP Officer
Feesshorty - PVE Raid Officer
Hohfeld - DKP Management
Melissamao - DKP Management
Nihmm - PVE Raid Officer

Recruitment Officers

Part 2: What we're looking for...

We're looking for prodigies of the game... or at the very least, cool people that we enjoy playing with. What that means is we're looking for players who enjoy playing this game and know what they're doing. Understand the game, can follow directions, and can play their class. But personality has a big factor in the recruitment process too. We don't want crybabies, lootwhores, or people who are looking at this guild as a stepladder.

Sure our guild is full of assholes, we like to mess around with each other. It's something you have to join the guild to get. But we're all here for each other, we're good friends, we're cool people. We don't want another anonymous fuck tard in our guild who only think they're right or they're gods gift to warcraft. Those people will find themselves kicked faster then they can banter in guild chat, get a life dickwad.

Things we hate:


Part 3: Raiding
We don't do an active signup system. Raid officers decide who get to go.

Rules of the Raid and Invitations
---25 MANS---
The basics of 25 mans:

You gain DKP by hour. Usually its 100 dkp an hour, we can award more for progression or first downings, or just good raiding hours if we deem fit. We can also award less or no dkp for an hour if people are just playing like idiots or we're getting nothing done.

You build dkp and when an item drops you can bid on it. You must know your current DKP and cannot go over your dkp pool. If you bid on and won an item earlier, it takes away from your current DKP pool and must be aware of this. DKP is not live updated, you will not be awarded your DKP until the end of the night. So do not take in account the DKP you have been awarded for the night. Sitouts get equal DKP as those in the raid.

Bidding goes as follows. Set tokens start at 500 dkp unless otherwise stated. Any non set item starts at 50 dkp. Bidding incriments go up by AT LEAST 50, but you can raise by as much as you like, much like a game of poker. At any time a player can go all in. If this happens when you've already bid and they can only match you with an all-in, you can op to go to a roll-off. If not, the bid must be beat by 50 dkp. If someone has 1000 dkp bet and a person calls 1000 w/ an all-in. Then it goes to a roll-off unless someone raises the all-in bid. So the only time the same bid can be bet is when someone bets and it is called with an all-in otherwise, you must raise by at least 50 dkp.

Pledges are exempt from bidding on loot unless no member wants it, they still however gain DKP like any other member of the guild.

We hate:
Bad Attendance if we recruited you to raid
Bad Punctuality/Delays to the raid
A lack of Knowledge of raid encounters

If you do any of the above, or are general assholes during the raid, you can a. be removed from the raid b. be deducted dkp c. both or d. kicked in the ass by me and removed from guild.

Listen to your fucking raid officers. If you don't bad things will happen. Listen to your department leads. If you don't Nick will fuck you in the ass.
-The Godfather of the Brotherhood.

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