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24MAY07: The Brotherhood Email Redirect: All members ranking Alumni or higher (including Friend of the Guild) can have a email address. It will forward all emails sent to it to the email address of your choice. To create yours, go to My Profile on the top bar, and on the very bottom of your options on the left-side bar, select Email Forwarding.

24MAY07: The forum "Drama Central" has been removed and all threads in it were scattered across their original locations.

24MAY07: Arcade: The score submission of "Conquer Antarctica" now works fine. It will submit the sum of all your rounds.

09JUN07: An image resizing script was added to keep members from posting large images that stretch the forums. Maximum image width is set to 800 pixels. All images will be resized for all ranks, but showing an option to display the original size in the viewer's screen.

16JUN07: A text box has been added to the Navbar, which will link your query directly to Thottbot, opening a new window.

20JUN07: A chatbox was added to the bottom of the main forums page. It allows for chat in realtime within the guild website, with a propagation delay of at most 10 seconds. It is not linked to in-game guild chat.

26JUN07: A Photolog section was added to the website. Check the "Fotos" link on the top bar for more information.

28JUN07: All guildmembers ranking alumni or higher can now customize their titles on the forums by clicking "My Profile" on the top bar. Please do not set phrases that are vulgar as your titles, or misleading to an official rank. The ranks Rush, Pledges and Friend of the Guild cannot set a custom title.

28JUN07: All members ranking Rush and higher can now set a default text color to be used when they chat on the chatbox located on the bottom of the forums index. If you wish to set it, click "My Profile" on the top bar and scroll to the very bottom of it - it's the last option. The text color can also be temporarily changed during chat by using the selection menu located on the chatbox itself, but it will always return to the default set color if you close your browser or run away from the forum index then come back. If you haven't set a default color, the program has set it to "Black" for you.

17JUL07: Several Firefox compatibility issues were fixed: (1) The "Files" part of the site can now be used via Firefox; all functions will work and display correctly. (2) Officers can set members as Invited/Sitout via Firefox now. However still new events should be created via Internet Explorer. (3) Members can browse other member's files via Firefox; the secure PHP FTP will work and display correctly. A link to their files is also added under each member's avatar.

16AUG07 A new profile field was added as a new way to list your alts. When you use this field, a "More Characters" link will appear under your avatar picture on all your posts allowing other members to click on it to see your alts and to link them directly to Blizzard's The Armory. Go to "My Profile" on the top bar to edit this new field.

16AUG07 Video embed added: If you wish to post Youtube and Google videos on your posts, use the tags [youtube]link[/youtube] and [googlevideo]link[/googlevideo] on your post. For example: [youtube][/youtube]. It will embed the video on your post.
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