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Possible end of our website

PHP version 4 is now obsolete, and by August this year it'll no longer be supported by our host mainly due to security issues.

This entire site is programmed on PHP 4. I've went over the differences between PHP 4 and PHP 5, and it's not an option to modify our code. The best option would be to purchase a vBulletin 5 upgrade, which even if I were willing to put out the money for it, I don't think it would be a simple upgrade, as other things such as the Chatbox and several other scripts that form our site are on PHP 4.

So, if there's anything here that you'd like to keep forever, please take as soon as you can. I wrote to my webhost asking if there would be any option to keep this on a PHP 4 server, or if there is any other solution to this problem. If not, I'll look online for an easy solution to keep this site on. But if there isn't one, it's the end, unless you reading this (if anyone ever reads this lol) wants to host this or has a solution.

Well, if this is really the end, thanks everyone for the amazing time together here and in WoW. My facebook:
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