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05-01-2007, 03:42 PM

Damn. 2020 will be a hot year.

05-01-2007, 07:51 PM
Its all fake, search in the 1930, there was global cooling, ppl freaking out, same thnig as this. I'm doing a research paper on it right now. :p
Before Al Gore and all his phonies starting freaking out about it noone cared.

05-01-2007, 07:55 PM
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB116909379096479919.html?mod=opinion_main_comment aries

al gore, a jackass?

nah...couldn't be...

05-01-2007, 08:09 PM
i sense drama central if this gets ugly. O_O

but seriously, he is a joke.

read this is your bored or curious, http://www.geocities.com/ceegen/globalwarm.htm

good hard facts. If we can't predict the weather 5 days from now, why should we be able to predict it 100 years from now?

05-01-2007, 11:01 PM
That kid's arguments are full of holes as well... he's 19, what reasearch has he done? what degree does he have that he can shoot down the argument of professionals with PhDs.

His point about the weather 5 days from now is completly irrelevant. Scientists are measuring general trends of data and temperatures. There is a variation in weather patterns that cannot be predicted. But if you take average temperatures over decades and centuries you start to notice a trend. That trend is that our atmosphere is warming. Even the small .6 of a degree (or whatever the decimal was) is a startling change. That small change can throw off entire ecosystems and endager wildlife.

The argument that he gives is better than most I've seen. He does do a bit of research. And he does try to adress more than one point. But overall I don't see how a 19 year-old can effectivley kill the argument of hundreds of qualifies scientists (even if they all have a secret political agenda).

05-02-2007, 01:22 AM
The key to the whole Global Warming debate is the amount of carbon dioxide (co2) levels in the atmosphere. The amount can ACCURATELY be found in ice cores going back over 600,000 years. There has NEVER been a time when it has been this bad EVER. Sadly its going to take a new president (ours makes TONS off big oil), and the complete loss of both icecaps (and all current shorelines ie. around 5% of the earths total landmass) before EVERYBODY freaks and tries to stop it. After its too late. The only people still fighting against the Global Warming concept are those that work, own, or make a profit from using GW emitting gases, and the people who blindly follow their paid scientists.

Remember it wasn't that long ago that the catholic church imprisoned a certain person for heresy because he said the earth wasn't the center of the universe.

05-02-2007, 04:29 AM
We need to call... Captain Planet!

05-02-2007, 05:23 AM
The planet goes through changes. Yes, we need to stop polluting, but we aren't straight up "melting" the ice caps. And Syvius is right, entire ecosystems can be destroyed with a change of temperature - but guess what, that too is nothing new. Historically speaking, compare the average temperatures for let's say July 2006 to 1996, 1986, 1976, 1966, and 1956. You will find that it's not that big of a deal. If the planet gets warmer or cooler there's not much we can do about it.

In the 1300's there was a "mini-ice age." That wasn't caused by man, but it did help contribute to the loss of up to 50% of Europe's population. Things happen in the natural world, and if they are out of mankind's control then they are out of mankind's control. No president is going to stop a huricane. No president is going to stop the tectonic plates from shifting. Can we work on "greener" energy sources, YES! Will this "save the world," probably not.

If people are so willing to accept Darwinism, then why do they care if entire ecosystems or species are dying to "global warming." Those bitches should adapt and build air conditioners like us. ;)

05-02-2007, 05:35 AM
Would you drive a 1.0, 70HP car to help saving the planet? I do drive that car here, and it runs on bio fuel like most cars around. But it's not really an option. They're just way cheaper. But if I were to return to the USA, I'd get my V6 back :D

05-02-2007, 09:43 AM
What chaps my ass is that the technology is there to use alternative fuels or at least make cars more fuel-efficient, but oil companies afraid of profit hits aren't going to push for it. And our politicians certainly aren't going to push any legislation to make anyone clean up since the oil companies meathooks are so deep.

As for Al Gore, check out this link on the esteemed environmentalist:


05-02-2007, 05:18 PM
bottom line is this. The world goes through drastic chsnges. At one point there were dinosaurs. then there were not. if you want to look at trends.....there is no way to tell when the start of time was.....nor a way to tell when time will stop.....just know this. live the time you have for all it's worth. The world is gonna change with or without you. if you live everyday trying to prevent the end of time you will miss out on too much else. If you are worried about global warming get a better AC and some extra pairs of shorts and some tank tops and hope that you are not prone to sunburns like me! =P Face it people......every thousand or so years the earth changes. it may be time in the next hundred or so for the earth to do it again.

05-03-2007, 07:02 PM
Ok look, for all you global warming people, back in the viking days when they landed on greenland it was a lush plainland where they farmed and grew crops, now what is it? a frozen block of ice almost. Yes the earth is warming, but nothing huge will happen until the tempurature rises almost 10 degress, its raised .7 degress.

05-04-2007, 01:37 PM
Ok look, for all you global warming people, back in the viking days when they landed on greenland it was a lush plainland where they farmed and grew crops, now what is it? a frozen block of ice almost. Yes the earth is warming, but nothing huge will happen until the tempurature rises almost 10 degress, its raised .7 degress.

You completely fail. Greenland and iceland were inhabited by Inuits for hundreds of years but were "found" by Europeans in the late 900s by Norwegians led by Erik the Red. They were smart. Remember at this period vikings and quiet a few other barbarian tribes were doing their normal raiding/pilliaging. Erik the Red found TWO islands, one nearly all ice, the other a near paradise of greenery. Obviously greenland is closer to Europe and thus the first that vikings would visit, so the Norwegians got smart and named the ice covered territories which were far less populated than the more lush environment ICEland so when vikings came THERE and saw this "green"land was nearly all ice, they'd be like WTF!? and never venture further to "ice"land. It worked. Vikings never did a fullscale invasion of either island although small scouting parties did land all the way to maine later on.

Second the last iceage (darkages europe late 1200s to 1600s) was caused by a 4.7 degree shift in temperature. At 10 degrees higher than normal canada will be the new prime grain growth climate and mexico and much of the middle east will average nearly 140 degrees per day. Oh, and the worlds water levels will be somewhere around 50 ft to 300 ft higher due to the complete lack of stable ice on this planet.