View Full Version : @ sam, duping in ps

05-30-2008, 07:01 PM
alright i said doop. i meant dupe. dupe = the act of making a duplicate.


alright youve got an image. its locked to the background, which is usually what happens when you open an image file. there are many ways around it. here's just one.


i made an arrow here, this the act of duping a layer. you grab and drop on the "create a new layer" button the layer you want to copy.

now youve got two identical layers. which is important for the method i previously explained for the duel border method, because you need to apply a stroke to one of the layers.


just to show you what is possible now. I made an additional copy of the layer and moved it. created an additional layer. and deleted the bottom background layer that was locked... so that I may now have transparency.