View Full Version : Music Website game...thing

05-30-2008, 06:12 PM

I've really been digging this lately.

You make a free account, you get some points from logging in/listening to the unbumped music on the side (the rack).

You bump songs you like and when others bump those songs you get points.

It is largely new, unsigned music, but they've been getting some big bands 'testing' their new songs lately.

Just fun and it runs fine behind other programs.

My name on there is Melestav if you want to check my profile.

Anyone have any other neat new music related programs?

05-30-2008, 07:37 PM

Takes your songs and converts them into a track based off frequencies, tempos, bass rhythms and other various factors. You have a variety of options for gameplay, but most of them are quite fun.


That's a link to a video of me playing One More Lovely on Mono-Pro. The quality isn't amazing but you get the picture from it.