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02-05-2008, 11:32 AM

Attention Raiders/Casuals:

On the calander now is signups for the next fridays and mondays. Friday's will consist of us clearing as many bosses as possible in the scheduled instances. Raiders, as always will have priority, but chances are.. there will be a good chance for casuals to raid on these days.

The following monday we plan to finish off the instance, including getting vials off the bosses. If you are a raider, and need a vial, get ahold of an officer and we're trying to get a few more people attuned to Hyjal. Remember to have you vials quest. We will not compromise the raid at the expensive of getting people attuned we have no plan on bringing into hyjal right away.

These dates are also a good chance to get your Black Temple attunement completed. Make sure you are caught up on your Black Temple attunement. There is no excuse for someone grabbing their vials to not be working on this attunement at the same time. Those raiders who are already attuned to Hyjal NEED to be here on these days.

After this, THATS IT. All work has to be done with your casual bretherin on TJ's weekly SSC/TK raids, or you will have to get in on one of SOJ's Eggcellent's weekly pug runs.

Specific Attn Raiders: We expect you to show up and help on these 2 weeks of runs. If you want to assure we have the depth to our roster needed to run Hyjal/BT for a long long time to come, I insist you help on these runs wherever possible. There's a high chance you won't be needed, so just humor TJ and Myself and signup, showup, and PVP or farm that night and if you get the call, help in the instance.

Thank you for your time.


02-05-2008, 01:31 PM
First. Time to get my Talon of Azshara.

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finally =)