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10-17-2007, 01:26 PM

The Brotherhood Week
A week celebrating the one year anniversary of the 'hood has begun!

We've kicked off The Brotherhood Week with a bang! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we're having fun with retro raiding. Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ40, Naxx, and Onyxia are on the signups! We'll be racing to get people attuned during the day, and we're collecting the gold for use on Sunday, when the week culminates and we have fun with a special contest awarding gold and prizes, and we'll cap the week off with guild ran PVP events.

Why retro raiding?

Well, to be honest, this raiding week is a multi layered experiment.
- We're promoting the concept of guild, especially since we're a larger guild we're allowing more of our casuals to come in. This is a bonding experience, and since the content will be easier, it'll allow us some leeway to just relax and have fun.
- It's a good opportunity for those who never got to see the Pre-BC content to finally see it. Not everyone got to see Naxx/C'thun and now is their chance!
- Should be profitable on some accounts, and it helps us fund our big event coming Sunday, where there will be a big prize for the victor!
- Finally, it gives us a chance to rest our brains from SSC/TK. I know a lot of people we're getting burnt out from those instances.

So have fun this week, rest well, we will come storming back next raid week! Remember sign up Sunday for the contest, we're looking for our greatest turn out yet, and the victor will be handsomely rewarded. Also, remember the upcoming days respect the mechanics of these 40 mans. You have to know the gist of the fight, because bosses still hit you, resistances still apply, and the boss mechanics can scale with level. You can still wipe in 40 mans. Nobody wants a repair bill.

Congrats everyone on 1 year of the Brotherhood. : )